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    CYN Counseling Center offers Telehealth Services during Covid-19
    Telehealth Services
    Grayslake, IL: During this unprecedented time in our society, CYN is still up and running providing needed counseling/psychotherapy via telehealth to our clients and the community.  These critical mental health services are more important than ever as people are experiencing significant amounts of anxiety, depression, fear and loss due to COVID-19. Telehealth allows clients to get the same benefit from face to face therapy without the risk of exposure to the virus and studies show that it is just as effective as face to face interventions. We know that when people experience ongoing stress and anxiety, their immune system is negatively affected making them even more susceptible to illness and viruses.  Thus, any counseling practices that give client’s tools for reducing their stress and anxiety are extremely critical right now.

    All appointments are conducted in a confidential space and our therapists are certified in teletherapy. If you would like to learn more about teletherapy, please visit our website at www.cyngrayslake.org and head to the Our Services page. There you will find videos, Q&A’s and insurance information that will guide you.   

    To set up an appointment, call 847-548-6000, ext. 013, or email terryc@cyngrayslake.org.  Our crisis lines are also still operating (847.587.3100), however, if you are experiencing a life threatening emergency dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. 
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