• Government Affairs

    US Chamber of Commerce

    The Lake County Chamber of Commerce is in regular communication with the US Chamber of Commerce so that we steer our legislative agenda and decisions in a direction that best suits the needs of our business members.

    Illinois Chamber of Commerce

    The Illinois Chamber of Commerce provides us access to elected officials at the state and national level. Their goal is to promote a pro-business agenda and defeat anti-business legislation, regulations and rules.

    Resources offered by The Illinois Chamber

    • Electronic Publications – President’s Message, Government Affairs Report and Illinois Business Leader Magazine
    • Answers to important HR, labor law and compliance questions
    • Legislative summary and scorecard after each General Assembly
    • State Chamber Alerts – Urgent policy information you need to know about it


  • Top 5 Issues

    Happening in Illinois affecting Chamber Businesses for tracking and advocacy in 2020

    • Taxes
    • Workers Comp
    • 401k Requirements on Businesses
    • Healthcare/Insurance Requirements on Businesses
    • Immigration